I work part-time for the Center for Reducing Suffering (CRS) where I work on specific texts for the CRS website (which may also be published on my website) and provide feedback to CRS staff on their texts. I am also a part-time warehouse worker in Sweden, and I am finishing up my PhD studies in philosophy at Stockholm University.

I used to be the leader of the political party for animals in Sweden (Djurens parti), and a Business Development Associate at the investment company Latour. I chaired the board of Animal Charity Evaluators. Earlier, I worked as an analyst at GiveWell and interned for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. I have a master’s degree in economics (nationalekonomi), and I studied philosophy and political science at the master’s level at New York University. For more, see my profile on LinkedIn.

I am a vegan (I eat a plant-based diet, no honey, and I do not buy skin, wool, silk and so on).


If you are earning to give in order to reduce animal suffering, you can discuss the best options with Simon Knuts[s]on, who works for an investment company in Gothenburg, Sweden, and donates about 40 percent of his after-tax income to support Animal Charity Evaluators, which tries to find the most effective charities helping animals.
— Peter Singer (2015), The Most Good You Can Do, pages 42–43.

Listed at Featured 40 Vegan Leaders in 2015.