I appreciate help like the following:

  • Comments on the content of my texts. Examples of useful comments include whether a text is worthwhile to read, whether I have made some error or overlooked something, whether something is unclear or difficult to understand, or a counterargument to something I say. This applies to all texts on this site, but it is most useful for drafts, works in progress, and texts that are merely published on this site. It is less useful with comments on a paper that is already published in a journal, although I welcome that too. And it is more useful for newer texts rather than, say, an essay I wrote six years ago.
  • Comments on my writing, style, English, and the like. For example, maybe I have made mistakes in spelling or grammar, or perhaps I write in a way that is convoluted or poorly structured. Again, this applies to all of my texts, but it is more useful for newer texts that are not already published in journals.
  • Advice on how to improve this website. For example, an aspect of the site that I am unaware of might work poorly for a visitor.

If you are interested in helping out on a volunteer basis, please contact me.