I am a researcher at the Foundational Research Institute and I have chaired the board of Animal Charity Evaluators and of the political party for animals in Sweden (Djurens parti). In my last job I was a Business Development Associate at the investment company Latour. Earlier, I studied economics, philosophy, and political science, worked as an analyst at GiveWell, and interned for the FAO. For more, please see my profile on LinkedIn.


If you are earning to give in order to reduce animal suffering, you can discuss the best options with Simon Knuts[s]on, who works for an investment company in Gothenburg, Sweden, and donates about 40 percent of his after-tax income to support Animal Charity Evaluators, which tries to find the most effective charities helping animals.
— Peter Singer (2015), The Most Good You Can Do, 42–43.

Listed at Featured 40 Vegan Leaders. Archived.